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1st Neck Point Scouts, Nanaimo, BC

Do Your Best  

1st Neck Point Cub Scouts Schedule


Sept 14th.                      1st meeting. Gather at Hammond Bay School parking lot with a planned walk through Neck Point Park 

 Sept  21st.                   Frank J. Ney School Gym. Games for all and camp prep for 3rd Years.

Sept 24-27th.          3rd Year Cubs Adventure camp on Quadra Island.

Sept 28th.                Frank J. Ney School Gym.


Oct 5th.                    Popcorn Blitz in McGirr Sub division.

Oct 12th.                  Frank J. Ney School Gym. Games & Camp prep for all.

Oct 16-17th.            Fall Camp.

We will meet at Camp Caillet for a 1 night camp. Families are invited for brunch on the Saturday morning before leaving youth for the weekend. We will be hiking, playing games and going over various other things like knife safety with the Cubs during this weekend and a 1 night camp.

Drop off at 10-30am Saturday and pick up 2-30pm on Sunday.

Oct 19th.                Frank J. Ney School Gym – Badge work and Camp review.

Oct 26th.                Halloween Hike in Linley Valley followed by Hot Chocolate at Akela’s house. Please bring a flashlight, warm clothing and wear sturdy walking shoes.

Nov 2nd.                 Frank J. Ney School Gym - Remembrance Day prep and badge work.

Nov 7th               Friends of 1st Neck Point Scout Group Burger & Beverage Fundraising event 4pm until 9pm at Pipers Pub on Hammond Bay Rd, Nanaimo.

Nov 11th.               Remembrance Day Parade in Lantzville followed by an activity (hike).

Nov 16th.               Swim night at the Nanaimo Aquatic Center. Prep for your swimming badge.

Nov 23rd.               Frank J. Ney School Gym – Christmas project.

Nov 30th.               Frank J. Ney School Gym – Christmas party planning (Songs, skits)

Dec 5th.                 Christmas Party  tbc .

                             ****Christmas Break****

Jan 4th.                 Frank J. Ney School Gym

Jan 28-30th.           Winter Camp

                                 Elkhaven on Denman Island.

                           Depart Friday evening and return Sunday afternoon.

Mar-Apr                 Spring Camp

June                      Year End Camp

Note further dates to be arranged.